The emblem of the 57th Maronite convention, Cincinnati July 8-12, 2020

The team of the Maronite Convention in Cincinnati, carefully and prayerfully crafted the emblem of the Maronite convention, for the year of grace 2020. The convention emblem is symbolic of the journey out of the darkness of captivity into the light of freedom and salvation. Starting with the theme of “Visionary Disciples” bringing to the light the reality of the Maronite Church led by our beloved shepherds, and having a 20/20 vision in being disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

From this existential theme, the emblem is developed in the here and now, (Cincinnati's skyline, where the convention is taking place, in the year 2020) yet looking towards the already but not yet, traveling from this world of darkness where this world's colors are of black and grey color range following the example of the saints mainly St. Sharbel towards the glory represented in gold and envisioning the glorified cross of the Parousia that the Maronite Church has taken as her guide throughout its history, The Glorified Cross of the Parousia rises in brightness above the bridge and skyline, the cross (symbol of pain and suffering) is glorified, because of Jesus Christ transforming it into Glory, yet having the eight dots on its extremities symbolizing the eight beatitudes, the constitution of our Maronite Church. The beatitudes serve as a guide for our journey toward becoming Visionary Disciples. (Matthew Chapter 5)

In the heart of the cross is the Eucharistic living body and blood of the Lord consigned and broken for us to be received. We make the journey by celebrating together the Divine Liturgy.

Furthermore, the idea of movement from darkness to light (slavery to freedom) is also expressed in the arch of the historic 153 years old Roebling Suspension Bridge, which connects the states of Kentucky and Ohio in Cincinnati. Historically, the Ohio river is the borderline of North and South American history, the line of demarcation of Freedom and Slavery. The bridge occupies an important crossing point along the “underground railroad” where escaped slaves waded across the river to freedom. Many of our ancestors also made the dangerous journey across a much larger body of water to escape the Ottoman Empire in hopes of enjoying the freedom of the New World. This bridge’s arch crowned by two towers and two crosses symbolizes our two Maronite Eparchies in the United States, that the Ohio river links together.

The existential emblem of the 57th Maronite Convention of Cincinnati 2020, anchors and reminds us, of our Vision for the Future, Mission for Today, campaign, launched on the 25th anniversary of the Maronite Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon, (1994-2019), where the Maronites are convening, through the efforts of the National Apostolate of Maronites and Hosted by the Parish family of St. Anthony of Padua, Maronite Church.

(Article by Pete Nerone and Fr. George Hajj)

2530 Victory Parkway,

Cincinnati, OH, 45206

10% of St. Anthony Parish Proceeds from the National Maronite Convention will be donated to charity. 

© 2020 by St. Anthony of Padua Maronite Catholic Church

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